LEAN dot Melbourne Holds 2016 Info Session


On June 29th, 2016, Lean Locals representing local government, manufacturing, university and professional services gathered to take part in LEAN dot Melbourne's first interactive information session.

Participants took the opportunity to meet fellow curious LEAN dot Melbourne attendees before proceedings got underway with Tim Odokeychuk welcoming the group and sharing our vision to Make Good Change in Melbourne, Victoria and beyond using Lean principles and methods.

For the 2 months leading up to the event, Expressions of Interest were being submitted to LEAN dot Melbourne where potential members provided their expectations on what value they should receive from taking part in this not-for-profit initiative. (see below)

To deliver on these expectations, LEAN dot Melbourne is creating a framework to facilitate regular PDCA Presentation / Networking Evenings allowing members to come together and learn from each other - regardless of industry, experience or background.

We will also incorporate Non-Government Organisation and Social Enterprise presentations to share their challenges so that we can assist them through Community Kaizens and Live Learning events.

To help set community focus areas, potential approaches and required outcomes, we broke out into 3 'groups to answer 3 important questions in a World Café style brainstorming session:

  1. What help does our community need? (facilitated by Jill B.)
  2. What approaches could we use to help? (facilitated by Angela R.)
  3. What does a great Lean event deliver? (facilitated by Seamus P.)

With ideas affinity grouped, we set Our Priorities through a high-low voting process following a healthy debate.

COUNTDOWN 3... 2... 1...

Our next steps have been clearly defined to engage NGOs and Social Enterprises relevant to Our Priorities who are willing to work together with LEAN dot Melbourne and our members to have a greater impact for their beneficiaries.

Our formal launch event will be planned for no later than September 2016 leading into our 1st Community Kaizen shortly thereafter.

Thank you to all who participated at our 1st interactive information session making it a great success and helping shape the way forward for LEAN dot Melbourne!

We especially wish to thank Briony W. and Jill B. for their assistance as well as our partner associations and organisations for their commitment for future support. Also to Angela R. for capturing our event details and compiling the infographic below.

If you wish to find our more about LEAN dot Melbourne, please contact us at timodokeychuk@leandotgroup.org or jillbarnett@leandotgroup.org.

To register your Expression of Interest, visit our home page at http://leandotgroup.org and follow the links.

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2 thoughts on “LEAN dot Melbourne Holds 2016 Info Session

  1. This was an excellent, well considered start and I look forward to working with all of you in the future.

    Thanks to you all for your time so far.


  2. Yes, definitely a well considered start, we have to act towards society and communities with Lean as our reference and this journey will yield a lot for the future., I look forward to work with you all.



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